11/12/11: Politico reports that a federal lawsuit appears to have pried from the Obama administration the names of the members of a presidentially-appointed panel that handles reports of illegal and improper spying by the intelligence community. The Electronic Frontier Foundation said it asked for records on the make-up of the Intelligence Oversight Board in February, after a reporter’s query for the information was rejected. The online civil liberties group sued in September after getting no response to its request. EFF says it got an answer to its FOIA a week after filing suit.

09/28/11: Politico reports that a lawsuit filed Tuesday claims that the Obama administration is refusing to disclose the identities of those serving on a key panel that oversees the intelligence community. The suit filed in San Francisco by the Electronic Frontier Foundation accuses the Office of the Director of National Intelligence of failing to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request submitted in February seeking information on appointments to the Intelligence Oversight Board.07/22/09: Wired reports that the Electronic Frontier Foundation plans to file a lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco to force the intelligence community, especially the CIA, to release misconduct reports that the spy agencies are required to file with the Intelligence Oversight Board, a board of private citizens with security clearances who oversee the spy agencies and report to the president. The board is tasked with evaluating the self-reported malfeasances of intelligence agencies, looking at the agencies’ responses, and forwarding on the worst to the attorney general when it believes criminal prosecution is called for.

Thread: Electronic Frontier Foundation Lawsuit for Records on Intelligence Oversight Board