Is Celebrity Divorce Common?
Is Celebrity Divorce Common?

Celebrity divorce is a hot button topic. Because we see so many headlines about celebrity divorces, it may seem like it is more common. But this begs the question of whether celebrities get divorced more frequently or whether our perception is skewed by the media we ingest on a daily basis. 

Celebrity relationships face stumbling blocks that common relationships may not. Because celebrities live in a microcosm, they tend to date other celebrities or people in related fields, and with a narrower pool of potential partners, it’s possible that celebrities more commonly end up with the wrong people. 

Celebrity relationships also tend to be sensationalized in the media, with tabloids propagating lies that can add fuel to an argument between a celebrity couple. These unique variables may add up to higher divorce rates among celebrities. 


Overall Divorce Rates 

While it may seem like people are getting divorced at higher rates, it’s possible we only believe so because divorce is a less taboo subject nowadays; we hear about it more often than we used to.

Most of us have heard the axiom that 50 percent of marriages in the US end in divorce, which is a false and misleading statistic. In 2019, the American Community Survey found that less than 15 out of every 1,000 marriages end in divorce, the lowest divorce rate since 1970. However, this number is still far from being accurate.

Pinning down America’s divorce rate is complicated due to several factors. Some statistics do not take all 50 states into account, and some states report marriage counts but not divorce counts. For example, California, a 40-million-person state with high divorce rates, is not included in the CDC’s divorce statistics.

Divorce rates are also skewed due to many surveys only comparing marriage rates from a specific year with the divorce rate in that year, not taking into account pre-existing marriages. Still, it is fair to say that America’s divorce rate is far lower than the once-thought 50 percent. 

Celebrity Divorce Rate

As it turns out, celebrities do seem to have higher divorce rates. In 2017, a US Census found that 52 percent of celebrity marriages end in divorce. 

Celebrity marriages tend to be short-lived. Kim Kardashian was infamously married to Chris Humphries for a mere 72 days, and Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth called it quits after only six months of matrimony. The same 2017 US Census data found that celebrity marriages last an average of six years. 

It’s unclear why celebrity marriages are often so short. Do celebrities tend to rush into things too fast and too young? Or do external factors of life in the limelight play a role?  

Why Do Celebrities Get Divorced?

A popular belief is that celebrities marry and divorce for publicity. But many closely-connected industry workers dismiss this claim as bogus. Faux marriages may be more common amongst non-A-list celebrities, but there is little proof that this is true. According to industry insiders, celebrities get divorced due to a multitude of unique factors.


Celebrities don’t have to worry about the financial aspect of divorce, so it is easier for them to get divorced on a whim. Other couples might spend time seriously weighing the outcomes of divorce and whether it is worth it from a financial standpoint. For the average couple, working through bumps in the road might be more appealing than shelling out on divorce lawyers. Average couples might even opt for legal separation instead. 


Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but too much time apart in a marriage can cause problems. 

Celebrities travel a lot, whether it be for casting calls, photoshoots, or interviews. It is nearly impossible for their schedules to line up, meaning celebrities spend more time away from their partners than usual. A celebrity couple might even spend months apart, leaving space for them to meet new people and put their partner or spouse on the back burner.

It might be more feasible for a celebrity and a non-celebrity to manage schedules, but most celebrities tend to date within their world. Because of physical distance, celebrities likely lose connection with their partners, leading to higher divorce rates.


Most jobs don’t involve close physical contact with coworkers. Celebrities are the exception. Actors have to kiss each other during filming, and models have to get up close and personal during a photoshoot. When celebrities are thrust into romantic roles, it’s easier for chemistry to develop.

Many on-screen relationships develop into affairs and later into marriages of their own. Almost everyone is familiar with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s chance meeting on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Unfortunately, spending time apart from a spouse and working closely with other celebrities is a dangerous combination responsible for many a celebrity divorce.


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